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The Springboard Consultancy is a world-leading international training and development consultancy that contributes to achieving greater equality in the world by helping everyone be the best they can be and realising their full potential.

Over the 28-year heritage of delivering our successful and powerful Springboard Women’s Development Programme, the Consultancy has been approached to develop and deliver a full range of ‘holistic’ development programmes, accessible to all, irrespective of age, gender or circumstance through all five life stages – both professionally and personally.

Life Stage 1 – Starting Out
Sprint – for undergraduate women with a special version available for post-graduate students and researchers
Boost – for all apprentices and newly qualified graduates, Boost instills a positive sense of direction, builds confidence and teaches essential skills.

Life Stage 2 – Empowering you as the individual
Springboard & Navigator – for men and women wanting to realise their true and full potential the first step is to know about themselves & have time to build their confidence, set goals & be able to communicate them effectively within a safe space.

Life Stage 3 – Moving Up
Spring Forward – for those facing more responsibility with a move into a new supervisory or management role.

Life Stage 4 – Second Chances
Fresh Steps – for those want to return to work after children, aren’t ready to retire just yet, want a change of career or have had to cope with redundancy,

Life Stage 5 – Breaking the glass ceiling
Development Plus – for women who are in the pipeline or in higher levels of management & have specific development needs for them to move to the next level.

The Springboard Consultancy can help through all stages of your working and personal life and has already trained almost 250,000 people. We operate globally, and have a unique network of 450 licensed trainers based in over 45 countries, delivering world- class programmes, with proven successful results.

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‘Men, Women, Language & Mental Health’ – Jon Toulson

Let’s be honest, the stereotypes that men don’t show their feelings, or talk about them either, must have stemmed from some kind of truth and experience in society at some point, otherwise how does anything become a stereotype in the first place?   However, when it comes to attitudes towards mental health, and our ability to […]

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BOOST Case Study – Anna Webster

I have always believed you can strive to understand more about yourself; the way your mind works, your strengths and weaknesses and how you communicate with others. I now believe it’s not something you have to do completely on your own. The Boost course highlighted this for me throughout the days. Historically I have been […]

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Inspirational Video

Look at the YouTube video of two Springboard participants in Yemen talking about what the Springboard programme has done for them.