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Springboard Women’s Development Programmes Conclude in Qatar
February 2010


Doha, January 6 - Thirteen women from different backgrounds recently reach a milestone on the journey to realise their full professional and personal potential, as they complete the second British Council Springboard women’s self-development programme to be held in Qatar in 2009/10.

The training programme offers participants a number of valuable lessons to help with their development in both professional and personal capacities, building their confidence and developing their capacity to communicate effectively and to form and manage objectives. This contributes towards more successful problem solving skills, improved customer relations and a clearer focus and motivation for staff.

Representatives from a number of prominent companies took part in the course, including Dolphin Energy, Family Consulting Centre, Qatar University, Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar, and Girls Creativity Centre. They were joined by individuals including housewives as well as entrepreneurs who own their own businesses.

British Council director, Simon Winetroube expressed his pleasure at the programmes’ successful completion for the second year running: “Women who have been through the British Council’s popular Springboard self-development programme since it was introduced into Qatar last year say it has been a turning point in their lives – giving them greater confidence and self-awareness to be able to set and achieve clear goals. I congratulate these women who are today completing this second Springboard course to be held on the British Council premises and look forward to seeing them rise to new heights as they work towards achieving their own individual goals.”

“We are looking forward to the introduction of similar programmes in the future, as well as the continuation of the Springboard programme,” he added.

The participants described how important the programme has been in improving their business and life skills, noting that they now feel more confident about achieving their goals because of their ability to communicate effectively and assert themselves with more authority.
Salwa, who is currently unemployed, explained that she took the course to help her with her decision-making and improve her confidence. Now she feels that she is capable of achieving her goals, and describes her future as bright.

Other participants explained that their employees and colleagues have already noticed a difference in their professional manner, citing positive changes in their assertiveness, confidence and communication skills in the workplace.

More than this, the course has inspired the women to achieve their aims in their personal lives as well, and many said that to hear of the guest speakers’ experiences had encouraged them to seize the initiative, stop procrastinating and pursue their dreams and goals with a positive attitude.

The British Council will continue to provide Springboard training courses in various locations throughout Qatar, with one of the next programmes scheduled to be held at Qatar University in the coming months.