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Kirsty Henshaw of Dragons Den (July 2010) was a very welcome guest speaker at a recent Lancashire Constabulary Springboard workshop. Kirsty spoke about her experience on the den and how life has been since getting the investment she was looking for. Probably more importantly for Springboard she spoke about the tougher times too, going out to pitch her product to retailers and how she dealt with the regular knock backs. Meeting Kirsty you clearly got a sense of her determination, having bought a basic 1ltr domestic ice cream maker she went on to make around 2,000 litres of ice cream to perfect her recipes relying on friends and family to taste it and let her know what they thought. Comments from the group were very positive and Kirsty clearly made an impact.

From Kay McGovern, Springboard in-house trainer at Lancashire Police.

Flamingo Holdings have just completed their first Springboard programme run by freelance trainer Sue Nock. Flamingo Holdings is a vertically integrated horticultural group supplying major UK supermarkets with cut flowers and premium and prepared vegetables. In excess of a million bouquets of flowers a week are supplied to M & S, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, the Co-operative and Next. Flowers from their own farms in Kenya and South Africa are married up with stems grown locally in the UK and from all over the world. Feedback from the programme was excellent delivering tangible benefits for both the participants and the organisation.

In-house Springboard Trainers Janet McGilloway and Helen Ivory are celebrating the start of their eleventh course, which takes the total of women who have participated on the programme in Cumbria Constabulary to over 200.  The course continues to be very successful.  Research has shown that 75% of participants in Cumbria report feeling more confident in the workplace several months after attending the course, and 70% are more assertive in the workplace.  In fact, 86% say that they have changed the way they work in some way.  Helen said: "the Springboard programme continues to have a positive impact long after the course, and we are thrilled with its success so far."

We are celebrating the fact that Georgina Pullen, our Senior Training Consultant, has now been working for The Springboard Consultancy for 10 years.
Georgina joined the Consultancy just as we moved to our current location in North Devon, and has been doing a great job for us since then. Not only does she deliver Springboard, Spring Forward and Fresh Steps programmes as an accomplished and experienced trainer, she also manages most of our key clients including many of the UK police forces.
We would like to say a very big ‘THANK YOU’ to Georgina for all her hard work and commitment over the last decade, and that we are looking forward to continuing to work with her over the coming years. She’s a fantastic asset to our team and a great person to work with.

The 20th annual Springboard open programme in Oxford, run by Valerie Fawcett,  took place between April and July this year.   This was a richly varied group, with participants from research,  local government, publishing, marketing, community work, financial services and the NHS.   Speakers came from large and small organisations, from public and private sectors.  The comments of the participants at the end of the course show that Springboard is as fresh and relevant as ever.  Here is a sample:

"What I have learnt has the potential to change my life and I now have the tools to see that through."
"This has been very useful in getting to know my personal skills and qualities.  My confidence has improved and I feel more secure in my role at work.”
"I have a more positive attitude towards my work and I am focussing on new opportunities that arise.”
"This is a highly effective course.  The combination of the activities that you do on your own and in the sessions, coupled with the support and encouragement of the trainer and the other participants is really powerful."

Valerie Fawcett is looking forward to running Springboard for many more years to come.

The Springboard Consultancy was well represented at the BAWP awards this year.

Winner of Police Staff Achievement - Helen Ivory, Personnel Officer, Cumbria Constabulary

As part of her significant contribution to the development of women in Cumbria Constabulary, Helen has coordinated and co-delivered 9 Springboard programmes, reaching 172 women throughout the organisation. Staff who have attended say they feel a renewed enthusiasm and motivation at work which is a huge gain to the force, potentially avoiding an expensive recruitment exercise.

Winner of the Mentoring award - Claire Sykes, South Yorkshire Constabulary. This award was sponsored by The Springboard Consultancy

Claire is a member of the Positive Action Mentoring Scheme and manages to find time for 29, mainly female, mentoring relationships alongside her demanding job working directly for the Chief Constable. She was the first female police staff member on Superintendent Promotion boards, and has ensured that all promotion boards have a female interviewer on the panel.

Trainer Darran Johnston has completed the 7th in house Navigator programme with Lancashire Police and the 8th is scheduled for September with places already filling up. Feedback was excellent with all participants recommending the course to other men. The course was run at a new venue, a converted farm called Beeston Manor, which proved superb.
May 2010

As well as running Springboard since 2006, Cheshire Constabulary has also run 2 Navigator programmes. Both programmes are attended by a mix of police officers and staff and consistently receive very positive feedback. The photos show participants completing the latest programmes, where plenty of goals (some life changing) were set and some already achieved. There was interest from both groups in the in Constabulary's in-house mentoring scheme and as well as great commitment from participants, good fun was had too!

Navigator is delivered by Chris Gunning and Springboard by Patricia Cresswell. Springboard certificates were presented by keen Springboard supporter Karen Watkins, Director of Performance Development (front row, first left).

Karen Watkins says that as the chair of the Constabulary's womens network and a senior manager she sees the benefits of Springboard both in the short term when staff are energised to take on new challenges and deal with things that they may previously have chosen to put up with , but also in the longer term with staff going for promotion or volunteering to take on additional responsibilities as well as taking control of their lives.

"Gave me lots to think about and the views of others helped me to look at things differently" - Springboard Participant.

"It has given me the tools to help me achieve my personal and professional goals" and "it has helped staff members throughout the organisation to create a support network to help each member achieve their goals". - Navigator Participant.

April 2010

I have just completed delivering my second Navigator programme for Devon and Cornwall Police, and yet again I have been amazed at how much I gain personally from facilitating the course. The Navigators really threw themselves into the programme with zeal, and challenging goals were set. Hearing through the months how the participants were moving towards achieving goals whilst supporting and encouraging each other was inspirational.
March 2010

Limerick students

Course run by trainer Marie Connolly
January 2010

Springboard continues to run very successfully within the University of Birmingham, with 2 more programmes planned for 2010. The photo shows the mix of academic and non-academic staff participating in the last programme, delivered by Licensed Trainer Patricia Cresswell. Participants from previous programmes were invited to be guest speakers on this programme demonstrating their ongoing development and all being extremely positively received.

"This course is both enjoyable and worthwhile. In particular it made me think not only about my work situation but also made me consider things in personal life that I would like to improve and gave me some useful techniques to employ in both areas. I would highly recommend attending." Jacqueline Ryan.

"The Springboard course was something different. It gave me the opportunity to make new friends. Also I have learned that no matter whatever difficulties people might get across, these can be overcome. I knew it, but the course strongly confirmed that as long as I maintain a positive attitude in dealing with things, I can successfully get through. I enjoyed being on the course, each time looking forward from one session to another." Ioana Corns.
January 2010

Fresh Steps Australian participants

After returning from the UK in August 2008 after attending the Springboard Consultancy’s Fresh Steps Licensing event, I was delighted when the University of Tasmania decided to run a programme in 2009 to cater for the development needs of their older staff.

3 meetings with groups of staff at the Hobart, Launceston and Burnie campuses resulted in a staggering 39 expressions of interest to attend one course of 16 participants!

The University then decided to run 2 courses – one at their Hobart campus, and one at their Launceston campus.

Attached are the course photos of the staff who decided to register for the two courses.

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in the University planning to run another course in 2010.

Late 2009

birmingham trainees

Licensed Springboard Trainer Patricia Cresswell, recently completed 2 Springboard programmes in Birmingham. 55 participants attended representing the Environment Agency, Birmingham City Council, University of Birmingham and Balfour Beatty Workplace, providing hugely valuable networking opportunities for the women attending.

"For me, Springboard was a very uplifting experience which allowed me to really think about what I wanted from life, as well as giving me the opportunity to meet some very inspirational people. Thank you!" Lucy Baker.

"I have always been a very direct, upfront and assertive person, what the programme gave me was a way to focus all that in the most productive way." Pandora Rene

January 2010

nigeria springboard trainees

I attended the Springboard Programme as a participant in 1995 whilst I was working at the British Council in London. That was the catalyst that moved me to start my own childcare business in the year 2000. For the next 8 years, I managed two companies until I took the decision to move back to Nigeria last year. So what did I do? Went looking for my Springboard Workbook.
A goal-setting session got me thinking, "I wonder of this excellent programme still exists", so I go searching online. One thing led to another and before I know it, I am privileged to be the first licensed Springboard trainer in Nigeria, West Africa!

Adapting the Workbook took roughly 4 months, and our first group of 11 women started their Springboard journey on 23rd May 2009. Quite a rollercoaster experience and I'm still trying to catch my breath! So far though, the experience has been fun, fulfilling, humbling and awesome! I thoroughly enjoy my role, what more can I girl ask for? So, for me, the future sure is bright!!!
One of the women in that first group raved about the programme from day 1, and has now come on-board AFFIRM as our "Springboard Nigeria Marketing/PR Officer", her word-of-mouth publicity alone has got us quite a few interested women.

Another 'graduate' whose self-confidence has grown in leaps and bounds within 3 short months of attending Springboard, is going to be a Guest Speaker this weekend at my second group. She says she would never have dreamt of speaking to more than 2 women at once, so I'm really pleased for her."
September 2009

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